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Outdoor pics of the dogs :)

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    We had taken both dogs on a long pack walk down by the beach, then on return home, my daughter Karli decided to work on digging for the garden that we plan to have this year. Haven STILL wanted exercise, so I played with her for a long time, throwing a ball for her to fetch. Soon, both dogs were craving the cool earth that Karli was digging in, and her digging job became just impossible, lol.

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    The dogs seem to think Karli was making them this lovely outdoor bed and not a garden 🙂

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    Claudette Kinkade

    Looks like Karli was having fun along with Faith and Haven. The last two pictures are great of your furkids, just look at those beautiful faces.

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    The dogs are smiling! They love the cool bed Karli made for them!

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    Yep they looked quite pleased that their human would save them the work and dig a hole for them!!!!! Those are great shots!

    I’m starting to think we will never wear tank tops or be able to dig in the dirt…not getting above zero at all this week here. I went a little crazy on the weekend when we got more snow and booked a camping spot for May long. Come hell or high water (or a snowstorm or a windchill factor) we will be camping!!!

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    Wow I would give anything to dig in dirt with both dogs helping if they wanted. we are getting depressed with the cold and the snow that we are still getting. I just love the last two pictures.

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    How did they stay so clean?????? Even when the ground not soggy….I have two very dirty dogs..Great pictures…they look so happy!

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