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    Popcorn was not my golden but a golden I placed with a lovely lady Barb last year. Popcorn was almost 8 years old and Barb took her and her ‘brother’ Prince. Popcorn reminded me of Maci – a go-getter, a couch potato or hyper, nothing inbetween.

    She had no grey (and still had none) and looks like she was 5. Barb took them on hikes, swimming ,etc. They were treated to massage and therapy to prevent injuries.

    But on Saturday, all of a sudden she lost feeling in her left side. Could not stand, sit. Thinking stroke they raced to the emergency. Poor Popcorn though was full of growths on her liver and spleen – that day some had erupted. That awful C-word was the diagnostic. Although they hoped to stabilizer her they could not and they allowed her to go to Rainbow Bridge 2 hours later.

    We are all in shock but glad it was quick. No signs at all that she had these growths and that things inside were so bad. I am glad because it meant she got to continue her life as normal to the end.

    RIP Popcorn


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    Claudette Kinkade

    How wonderful Popcorn lived her life to the fullest right to the end. So sorry for that lovely lady, Barb, and her family. Sending prayers.

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    I’m so sorry to hear about Popcorn, heartbreaking story. She was beautiful. The story of fine one minute and not the next is all too familiar. Please pass on my condoloences to her Mom…

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    I have been checking over my 2 dogs for anything weird for the past few days…I guess I have been irritating because Maci snarled at me this morning LOL

    Just too scarey 🙁

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