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    This is sort of related to my previous topic about his excitable behaviour. I’ve discovered that his behaviour is triggered by getting out of the car, especially if it’s on a street or in a mall parking lot. He becomes over excited and will pull and yank on his leash in an effort to get wherever it is he assumes he’s going. I know this is because he has associated getting out of the car with the leash-free park, Petsmart or any other place he enjoys. When he gets out of the car at home he doesn’t act like this. And when he’s on his normal walks he’s fine. He walks beside me and doesn’t pull. So my question is this, how do I change his “trigger” so that getting out of the car doesn’t result in him going crazy?

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    Thanks M2M. Good advice, I’ll have to try that. I’ve figured out that Rudy might be getting overexcited because he is becoming over stimulated whenever he encounters smells or sounds he’s never experienced before. I’m assuming this is because most, if not all of his walks have been in the same area and on the same streets all the time. He doesn’t get to experience new things very often. So lately since the weather has gotten better I’ve been taking him on walks to areas he’s never been to and giving him lots of leash so he can explore his surroundings freely. I’ve noticed that after about 10-15 minutes into a walk and he’s spent most of his time sniffing and exploring, he eventually turns his attention back to me again. So giving him this freedom and varying his walks seems to work. But only time will tell if it’s going to have any long term impact.

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    Kiwi does something similar when we’re getting out of the car at daycare. She’s SO excited to be there. What we do is make her sit and make eye contact with us before we go in the door to daycare. Then before she is handed off to the daycare owner she again has to be calm. I guess my suggestion is basically a sit and have him make eye contact with you to try to re-direct his attention off of the thing he wants so much to get to and hopefully help to bring down the excitement level before you proceed.

    Hopefully others will chime in with their suggestions too.

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