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    Shiloh lost her battle with lymphoma. My beautiful, sweet mellow girl went to The Bridge this morning.

    The circle of my family is broken, and I will miss her forever.

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    Nancy, I’m so very, very sorry. It’s heartbreaking to have to say goodbye as they’re never with us long enough. Know that we’re thinking about you.

    Hugs to you, Spirit and Rookie

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    Nancy I was so very saddened to hear the news about your sweet Shiloh. May she rest in peace and be chasing balls at the bridge with Jake and all our dogs who have made the passage there. My thoughts are with you and your family as this very sad time.
    Sue, Nelson & Boober

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    Claudette Kinkade


    I am so sorry, it breaks my heart to hear Shiloh is gone. She is a beautiful girl and I know how your heart is aching right now. But, remember Shiloh is no longer suffering. However long they are here with us it is never long enough. I know Spirit and Rookie are missing her too. Give those two beautiful girls a big hug, it will make you feel better.

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    Oh Nooooo. Oh no… Aw, Nancy, that was so fast from some swelling to you losing your Shiloh. My heart is broken for you. I am so sad for your loss. I hope that Spirit and Rookie will be okay. Let them console you – they will try to help you during your grieving process.

    Again, I am so sorry.


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    OMG our hearts are breaking here. Not much we can say to help you – just that we are thinking of you. There are too many of our Golden friends at the bridge. Sending you our condolences and prayers. Please take care.

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    I am so sorry ……it is never easy to say good bye to a friend…..

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    Thanks everyone. It’s just so hard to say goodbye, even when you know it’s the right thing to do. Shiloh’s lymphoma was advanced. We had a very good week where she came on walks, played with Spirit & Rookie, and was happy & comfortable. But the last 2 days she was in pain….we know our dogs, their normal behavior.
    Lymphoma is awful, there is no cure, no symptoms until its to late. Keeping her with me for a few more days or a week….and that’s all it would have been…would be selfish on my part. So while my heart is heavy, I know we had no choice but to do what was best for Shiloh.

    Maureen had asked in another thread if Spirit & Rookie understood what was happening with Shiloh. I really think they did. I would see them quietly walk up to her if she was resting, sniff her and give her a kiss on the nose.

    We had 10 1/2 years with Shiloh, great years & lots of wonderful memories…and while 10 years is not nearly long enough…I am so thankful to have had them. I will miss her always, but I firmly believe we will all be together again one day

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    So sorry to hear about Shiloh, our thoughts are with you during this hard time.
    Linda & Murphy

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    Dogs are so sensitive, Nancy, to us and to each other – that I had the feeling that Spirit and Rookie would just *know* to be so gentle with Shiloh in those days she wasn’t feeling well.

    You are so strong and loving to Shiloh to give her the freedom from pain. You will remain in my thoughts. I know this will be a difficult time of grieving.


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    So sorry about Shiloh. It is always hard to let go when your companion has any type of cancer. Take care.

    Odette and Wilson

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    Run free Shiloh… you were a gorgeous lady. So sorry for you and your family Nancy… huge hugs….

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    So very sorry to hear this news Nancy. Hugs to you, your family and your girls Spirit and Rookie.

    Shauna, Codi, Bandit and Tanner

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    Just getting caught up on the news here and I am so sorry for you. I hope Shiloh is up there playing with Chet and Jake. Lymphoma is very hard to understand and I still don’t having losing Chet two weeks after his diagnoses but I know in my heart that I made the right choice for him. Give Spirit and Rookie a hug from Ripley and I. Thinking of You.

    Laurie and Ripley.

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    Dear Nancy,

    I can’t tell you how sorry I am to hear about Shiloh. My heart goes out to you. I hope you’re able to let Spirit and Rookie give you the comfort they know that you need.



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