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Showing aggression towards people!

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    We had some people over last night and my 14 month old started showing aggression towards a person… He started growling and and snapped! Not like him at all. We were at home, the lady came in our house and sat on the couch. Our dog went over and started showing serious signs of aggression. I dunno what to do. It breaks my heart that I can’t trust our dog. Any advice?

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    It’s the first time he has ever actually gone towards someone while growling and looking like he was going to bite. He has growled and people before but never like that. To my knowledge there were no toys in the area nor was he protecting my husband or I. There were four people who came to house at one time, maybe too much excitement at one time? The lady did mention that she was petting other dogs at another house right before she came to ours. After she left, he went crazy sniffing where she was sitting.
    We did just recently move into a new home three weeks ago and he has been acting a bit off. For example, he now whines when either my husband or I leave the house, he became afraid of going upstairs the second week we were here even though he was fine the first week, and he constantly wants to go for walks. In our old house, he would sometimes lay down in protest when I tried to put his harness on.
    He just turned 14 months yesterday and he’s such nice sweet puppy to my husband and I, so I don’t understand what’s happening.

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    Sounds insidious.

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    First thing should be a vet check. If you can not think of some event that would cause your pup to be scared of people, it could be something physical.

    I would say he is scared of people and a very unsecure pup though. Yes, it could be stress from moving but if not handled right at the age; this can get worse quickly. You do say that he has growled at people before and now it has escalated…do not ignore.

    For now, he needs a safe spot – kennel, bedroom, etc to escape to or be placed at. He needs to learn that noone is going to bug/look/touch him there. This management means that he will not be pushed to a bite. Watch for signs – dogs will give stressed signs out way before growling, these will be a god send. Next I would suggest a good trainer that deals with fearful dogs. A good one will have tons of ideas for management and training–all needs to be positive methods!

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    Was this the first time he’s done something like that? Any chance he was stressed if you had a house full of people (and he’s not used to that) and it was some sort of fear reaction and not really an aggressive act? Was he maybe thinking he needed to protect something high in value to him (i.e. a bone, his favourite human) that was close to her?

    Just throwing random thoughts out. I’m sure others will have some suggestions as well.

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