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Sitting on pins and needles

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    The day will not go by quick enough I am sure. After attempting to drain it and a month of antibotics, my puppy Harley is going for surgery this afternoon to remove a lump on his side. I know the lump is not anything but a pain and ugly looking versus those serious lumps other have dealt with on this site so that is a relief but he is just a baby.

    Actually the worst part is he has not been away from us for even an hour!

    Since he can not have anything to eat or drink, It was a bit funny this morning watching him attempt to get water from any source he can – he was even just sitting and staring at the toilet bowl ‘willing’ it to open. Every time I moved he would run to where the water dish should be with this expression of ‘excuse me you are forgetting something’. LOL


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    Awww, poor Harley. We’ll be keeping good thoughts for you & Harley this afternoon. Keep us posted on how he is doing.

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    Poor Harley, he is probably thinking that Mom needs a break. I’m sure he’ll be fine. Goldens do so well in new situations and handling strange things. If its anything lik our situation it is the moms and dads who have the worst of it.
    Lots of good thoughts coming your way..let us know how he does.

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    Claudette Kinkade

    Hugs being sent to you and Harley. He should be home now and I know how much better you must be feeling.
    Claudette and Jake

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    Poor Harley, hope that things went well for him today. Feel better soon Harley.

    Lumps seem to be a popular topic today. I just answered another post from Susanne about her Tessa who is going in to have a lump removed on Wednesday. Boy our Goldens do love to make us worry.

    Sending good wishes to Harley for a quick recovery.

    Christine & Maddie

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