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Skin irritation

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    Help would rather not go to vet. She scratched herself somewhere and had fleas. Fleas remedied with Confortis (had been using topical which didn’t work) now left with this. I used cotton with peroxide yesterday (now know not good) and polysporin. She’s better today didn’t chew all night. What is the best treatment? Soap and water? Should I still polysporin it?

    I made a vet appointment for today but think I will cancel. I do not believe it is infected. Would love advice!

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    Hello, how is it doing now, have just seen your post…if it is still bad, looks red, is not leaving it alone, and the hair is not returning..then a trip to the Vet is in order, could try using a over the counter hydrocortisone cream, but make sure she can’t lick it, spray over top with a hot spot spray..even though it’s not a hot spot yet in the picture..good luck with the healing

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