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Sometimes a dog picks YOU!

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    Okay, here’s the situation:

    A couple of months ago I found out that one of the dogs at my job (which will remain nameless, please) has virtually grown up in daycare. She is technically sold but various factors (including winter) has delayed her shipping to the new home in Europe. I felt bad that she hadn’t had the opportunity to spend time in a home, go on walks, visit the park, etc. so I’ve been fostering her for the last couple of months. At first it was just a couple of days a week and because I felt sorry for her. Now, you guessed it, I’ve totally bonded with her and don’t want to give her up.
    I always planned to get another golden when the time came but sometimes a dog chooses YOU.

    She is a sassy little Aussie Shepherd – smart and affectionate and full of personality. Connor and her already know each other from daycare and it’s working out with the cats. I’ve discovered I love having two dogs. I would miss her if she was gone and if you asked her, I’m sure she’d bark that she already lives here.

    So I now I need to decide whether I keep her or let her go to the people in Europe to start a new life. She is a purebred and the breeder wants to show and breed her so I would have to agree to that. She could stay at work when she’s in heat so there won’t be any unplanned “Golden Aussies” (Connor is intact). It would be a co-ownership agreement but she would essentially be mine.

    She is so happy here and trusts me as her person. The thought of her being put in a crate and shipped in the hold of an airplane for a dozen hours to go to a strange home breaks my heart. Would it be traumatic for her? She’s finally bonded with someone and then she is taken away and sent on a long, lonely (and probably) scary journey. I know dogs can adjust to rehoming but this is the only home she’s ever known. And I don’t think she’d ever have a better home than mine.

    Any thoughts, comments or advice on this situation? I want to do what’s best for her.

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    I say if you want two dogs and the breeder has agreed for her to live with you instead of going to Europe and you are ok with her breeding and showing and the co-ownership than keep her. Like you say sometimes dogs pick up. I always wanted a golden after my first one passed on but somehow Boober ended up being the golden…

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    It sounds like you have bonded with her and is really the only home she has known. If you agree with the terms of the breeder and get to keep her at the end of her breeding/show life I would say go for it. I know it would be very hard to give her up, if it was me.

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    Why not be a foster failure if things are working out, especially if you had planned to get a 2nd dog anyway.

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    I say keep her. I don’t like the idea of her going on a huge flight like that and if the breeder is willing to let you keep her then just do it. You know in your heart she is already yours. Keep us posted.

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