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Stolen toys ;)

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    Haven (my little dog) has a few special things that are just hers – a little soft part of some toy that was destroyed and a tiny rawhide. Haven carries around her little piece of toy, whimpers for someone to help her to “dig” on the couch and “bury” her treasure. She sleeps with her chin on it, etc. LOVES her toy. Both dogs get the tiny rawhides now and then, but Faith eats hers in about 10 minutes, where Haven’s lasts her for weeks. 😉

    Well, this morning, Faith was the first canine awake, and I had mistakenly left Haven’s two special little toys on the carpet. I was making Keira’s coffee, and I glanced in the living room at Faith, and she looked soooooooooooo guilty! Just that “pay no attention to the dog in the living room”-look, haha. I wasn’t sure… so I said, “What do you have?” and BOY did she start wagging! I got my camera ready. 😉

    She had the little piece of green and red toy in her mouth. She slowly walked AWAY from me, and saw Haven’s little bit of rawhide… I wondered which toy she would end up choosing.

    I said, “Oh Faaaaaith… show me what you have….” (See pic 1, below, to see her guilty approach.)

    She came right up to me, but with her head down. I gently liiiiifted her chin, to see a BIG silly guilty grin… and BOTH of Haven’s toys stuffed in her mouth! (See pics 2 & 3)

    I said, “Uh oh…. you reeeeeeeeeally shouldn’t have Haven’s little toys, eh?…” and she smiled and turned around and slowly walked away, tail wagging and wagging, holding her prizes, hahahaha (Pic 4)


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    HAHA! Faith does have that guilty look in those pictures! Funny how dogs know which toys are theirs, and which ones are not….and then there are dogs that hog all the toys, like Rookie!

    Great pictures Maureen…I love the last one, I love fuzzy Golden butt pictures lol

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    That’s hilarious. Faith is very sneaky 🙂

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    Too cute! Faith might be sneaky but she is a good girl for letting you check out what she had.

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    Ripley will do that too but he hasn’t figured out that when he goes and hides that I know he has something he should not have. I just love the guilty look on Faith.

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    Yep – just like Ripley, Faith always gives herself away with her body language. Usually a guilty ‘smile’ and tail wag, and she sits with her back to me too, hahaha. They say that dogs don’t experience human emotions, but I saw GUILT plain and simple. 😉

    Oh Tammy, no matter how badly Faith wants to hold something contraband in her mouth, if any of us say, “Drop”, and put our hand at her mouth, we can open it like a circus performer opens a lion’s mouth, and she just relents. She always gets a tasty treat when she drops something that would have been “hard” for her to let go of. So she is reinforced for giving up her prizes. 😉


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    Hahaha! Love the guilty pleasure look on Faith! She has probably been looking to get those treasures for awhile and couldn’t conceal her pleasure. Dogs are so funny!

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    Guilty as charged and quite proud of herself too 🙂

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    Cathy DW

    While Faith may be guilty I’d happily defend her; can’t resist that grin.

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    Love the guilty grin!!

    Rylee used to have that give away guilty look big time but now, whenever we say “what did you do?” She gets that look even though she wasn’t responsible! The cats love it!!!!

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    ROFL, Lynne!! 🙂

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    Guilty, I’m sure she was pretending…BOL…Great pictures. Mine never look guilty,
    have mastered the innocence look.

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