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    Well Ripley has been enjoying this camping thing. He kinda pouts when it’s time to one home. He view of the lake is just a tease because of the sign that says no dogs allowed but we have snuck him down to the beach a couple of times. Lucy has no use for the water.

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    Nice pictures, though he looks a little sad in the bottom one. He doesn’t jump over the fence???? i would need a 6 foot one.LOL

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      He was a little sad in the second picture cause he wanted to go to the beach. As far as jumping over the fence he doesn’t so it really works good for him because he doesn’t have to be tied up all the time.

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    That’s quite a nice set up for the dogs. I don’t blame Ripley for wanting to go to the beach especially when it’s oh so close! I think that fence would contain Kiwi, except of course when the water was in view then all bets are off 😉

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    Looks perfect! Nice place – where is this?

    We use a pen for the boys too –a tall one though. Jigar the bulldozer knows he can knock over the short ones. It is nice so they can wrestle without the concern of strangulation LOL

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    We have are trailer placed seasonally in a little town named Thessalon, it’s about a forty minute drive from our house so we are able to get there on our days off. This is the first summer with the trailer and so far we are loving it and Ripley and Lucy have been so good of course they are enjoying all the walks and visiting all the other people. Would have loved to travel a bit but Ripley just isn’t a fan of long car rides and Lucy hates car rides. Don’t want summer to end.

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    Claudette Kinkade

    Looks so nice, beautiful view. Perfect spot for the kids. Enjoy.

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