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Super Proud and Super Disappointed

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    :witless: Although Harley made me work really really hard for it…he got his Rally Novice title on the weekend with 1 high in class as well! He was a bit stressed so he just did not want to sit! But with rally you can say ‘sit’ over and over and cheer and praise and whisle and….Yes, very tiring for Mom. I am surprised I still have a voice!

    Maci was a brat on Friday, way better on Saturday for her Pre-novice but she would not leave the lovely ring helper (steward) alone so heeling sucked. I did get my recalls, sit for examination and long sit…back to the training room 🙂 For rally advanced, I am really back to the training room….I need to make being in the ring with out TREATS exciting. She knows there is no food somehow and takes off with the zoomies and visits as soon as the leash is off. Even the jump is not exciting enough for her. I did have a for sale sign on her kennel for awhile LOL. A friend brought me a brochure on lure coursing (this is the racing greyhounds, etc do) —it was all in fun.

    There were tons of new competitors so it is a relaxing place to trial and lots of laughs. I got in a good visit with my grandparents – My grandmother turned 80 yesterday. Does not look it or act it….they are NEVER home!! :onthego:


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    Great photo! Such a proud looking boy. Congrats to both of you!!!

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    Claudette Kinkade

    Love the photo, beautiful picture.

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    Love the photo.

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