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      Claudette Kinkade

      This is for Lisa, I know she checks in periodically to see what we are up too.

      I know in the past you recommended Syn-Flex for our older dogs who were experiencing joint pain, and if I remember correctly you preferred the liquid. Jake has been on Glyco-Flex III for a while now but he still is slow getting up. I value your opinion and want to do what is best for Jake. Also, are others giving their dogs supplements for their joints?

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      Claudette, we used Cartrophen Vet on two occasions for Maddie. It was an injection administered by the vet but now that I’m thinking of it, it may not be available in the US. It did wonders for Maddie.

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      Lisa Schuyler

      I found the pills useless Claudette. The liquid glucosamine was life changing though. I used SynFlex and Flexicose and both worked really well for Winger who had hip displasia, and for my husband’s old chocolate lab who had bad knees (or whatever you call knees on dogs!).

      Best advice is to keep Jake thin so there is no extra stress on his joints, keep up moderate exercise because it is crucial he keeps a good muscle tone as he ages, and if you can find liquid glucosamine you should try it.

      I’m sure it is suppose to take a few weeks to work, but the first day Winger took it, he skipped the steps and jumped off the top platform of my porch. 🙂

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      Claudette both Nelson and Boober are on the SynFlex and have been for years. Nelson at 2 was diagnosed with a very arthritic elbow like a 12 year old dog most likely. The week I started him on SynFlex he never limped again…that was 4 years ago. I also give the dogs 1000mg daily of calcium ascorbate and 200mg of dry Vit E and liquid fish oil. These are all good antinflamatory (sp) supplements. I also take them myself plus others. Also keeping the dogs thin like Lisa mentioned.

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      Being super thin (as people are always telling me :witless:) is what has saved Maci from major issues with her knees over the past 4 years (and still going). I started last fall with a liquid glucosamine for her and I never hear her bones creaking or clacking anymore. Actually I need to check with hubby but I have not seen her stiff anymore either (after laying on harder surfaces).

      I can not remember the brand but it is at the pet store.

      Sue – can both human and dog take the same bottle of Synflex??

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      Yes to the Syn-Flex for people and humans. Just go to their canadian site and it will tell you all about it.

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      Claudette Kinkade

      I received my bottle of liquid Syn-Flex in the mail today, I am anxious to get Jake started on it. I’ll let you know how it goes in a couple of week. I am also working on Jake losing a few pounds because I know how important it is to keep them at a healthy weight.

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      Lincolns Mom

      I have had great results with Osteo3. Vetoquinol makes it.

      I get it through my vet

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      Hi Claudette,

      I’ve used many products and two really stand out for me.

      When I rescued my former silly Old Sam at 13 his rear legs where horrible, he could barely walk so I put him on a product called Total Hip and Joint.

      In about eight months Sam was walking miles with us and doing stairs with little problem.

      After 2 years on the product Sam could burst into short runs, this seemed to really amuse him as he’d be grinning like crazy looking up at me while we were running!

      Sam lived to 15 then a Grand Mal seizure took him from me.

      He was a wonderful old soul who I still miss dearly.

      Hence my desire to get my now Rusty, the old ones are so special!

      Another product that I have great results with is Elk Velvet Antler, Rusty is on this.

      But remember every dog’s body chemistry is different, what works on one may not work on another, just like in us.

      Trial and error is the only real proving ground.

      Good Luck with Jake!

      And the Fuzzbutts.

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      I’m just reading this thread again now. Claudette did the Syn-Flex make any difference? Nelson has been on it for 5 years now and like I said it immediatly stopped his limp from his bad elbow. He’s used it everyday ove those 5 years but over the holidays I ran out for 6 days and the limp came back. As soon as I got him back on it the limp was gone. Call me crazy but I’m hooked on it. I think I will start taking it myself as I’m back training for the 2013 ultra season and don’t need my injury flaring back up.

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      Claudette Kinkade


      The Syn-flex is working great for Jake, I am giving him the Syn-flex for Pets. The bottle has a picture of a golden retriever and a cat on it. Check out their website, they have it for humans too as I am sure you know. Thanks for asking. Good Luck on your training for the 2013 ultra season, stay healthy.


      This is a picture of Jake and his Christmas Penquin that he received as a gift with his last bottle of Syn-flex. He knew it was for him immediately when I opened the box. He loved that penquin, carried in his mouth all evening. He usually tears up a stuffie very quickly and I thought maybe this one would be different. Well, I was wrong, as I looked down as he was laying at my feet I noticed the little ball on the hat was missing, (thank goodness it was very small) I know he ate it. The poor penquin was all squishy wet and I knew that penquin would not make it through the remainder of the night. After Jake went to his bed for the night, the penquin was put into the trash. In the morning I saw Jake searching all over the house, I know he was looking for that darn penquin. He got over it.

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      Claudettec I’m glad to hear the Syn-Flex is working for Jake. The one for the pets is exactly the same as the one for humans except they add beef flavoring to it. Obviously the US Syn-flex company has better customer service than the Canadian company as Nelson has never got a toy with his order 🙁 and we’ve placed many orders.

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      Claudette Kinkade

      Sue, Did you order on line, this is the first time they offered a toy with my order.

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      I ordered some Syn-Flex last week. It came in the mail yesterday so I started giving it to Spirit this morning. She will be 8 in the fall, and as much as I hate to think about it, I guess she is now a senior dog. While I am sure she is not in any pain, I have noticed her slower when climbing up on the couch, or coming up the stairs. I am hoping this will help with her hips. The bottle says to double the dosage for the first 10 days so that’s what we will do.
      I just put it over her food this morning and she didn’t even seem to notice…how did others give it? Over food or just a squirt in the mouth with the dropper?

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      We give Kiwi 3/4 teaspoon every morning. We just put it on a saucer and she licks it up, she loves it.

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