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The End of Raw

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    After years of dealing with allergies and bacterial skin infections I’ve finally taken Rudy off of Raw, permanently. The changes were immediately noticeable; the redness around his eyes disappeared, his ears went from red and inflamed to a normal soft pink colour and the chronic licking of the carpeting after each meal (indicator of itchy pallet) has stopped. But more treatment was needed and after a recent visit to the vet he’s now on the road to recovery. Rudy now eats Acana Ranchlands exclusively and the changes have been all positive.

    My experience with Raw was not entirely negative but despite the few benefits of the diet there were just way too many negatives for me to continue with it. However I would like to share some advice regarding feeding raw that some of you may find useful, should you be considering feeding your dog this diet:

    1. If you’re going to buy prepackaged raw from a retailer be sure to buy it from a store that sells both raw and processed foods. There is nothing wrong with kibble or canned food, you just have to invest in the best food you can afford. A store that sells only one diet or the other cannot (or will not) give you objective advice on what may be best for your dog.

    2. ALWAYS feed raw in tandem with the advice and guidance of your vet. And be sure your vet has experience with raw diets and not just an opinion on it. If you’re serious about feeding raw and your vet is either unable or unwilling to advise you because they lack an adequate knowledge base then consider finding a vet that you can trust and work with.

    3. Above all remember RAW IS NOT FOR EVERY DOG! We all want to feed the best diet we can for our dogs and this diet, despite how so many people will extol the virtues and benefits of it, is not suitable for every dog. If you should see negative side effects from it by all means see your vet right away and don’t be ashamed or embarrassed by the fact that you may have to stop feeding raw. This choice is not a failure. It is acceptance of the tolerances of your dog and a willingness to work within them to give your dog the healthiest and happiest life you can.

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    Glad to hear Rudy is doing better with the diet change. Allergies are never fun to deal with but I’m glad you found relief for him.

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    Good to hear that the dietary changes are helping to relieve Rudy’s allergy issues!

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    I should also add that because of his reactions to the raw diet his immune system worked overtime which left him with hypothyroid which he’s also being treated for.

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    Glad to hear you finally have found a solution to his problems. Tolerance to certain foods is so hard to rule out. I know when we had to change foods this past fall…it was really hard, to find one that they both could tolerate, and would not make Carmel’s skin flair up with the same type of inflammation. Rudy will be so much happier, with the skin issues gone.

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