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Things are going Super Well!!

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    Some of you know of the medical problems my husband Scott endured a few years ago. We survived, he lost some weight and things were stable and already way better.

    Last year, he underwent a weight loss surgery and I am proud to say he has lost 175lbs in the year! He is the size he was 17 years ago. He is off all meds but 1 and still having nerve problems in the 1 leg. No more diabetes or high blood pressure -he is considered normal. Which is a big laugh amongst us and his medical team…he was always abnormal in bad ways and good ways before đŸ™‚

    Last night for the first time in a long long time, he actually felt secure enough to walk to the park by our home and back. Not sure on the distance…actually not important. It was a work out for him—not something we will start doing every day but that can be the goal.

    Maci was adorable…although the pace was too slow for her, once she realized that was going to be it – she had to walk with daddy :friendly_wink:. Next walk I will actually use a flex for her to give her more distance and me better control on getting the leash out of the way.

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    Wow 175 pounds that is incredible. That is an entire person. I can’t even imagine the struggle that Scott must have had to do that. An incredible accomplishement!!! I know what a daily struggle it is to stay lean and fit especially training for races. He should be very proud of himself. One small step and before you know it he’ll be out walking the dogs daily.

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      Congrats to your hubby.

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    Glad to hear Scott is doing so well, that’s a big deal and he should be proud. Thanks for sharing and I hope Maci and her Daddy get to go on many more walks together in the future!

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    That is amazing – no more diabetes or high blood pressure? I’ve heard of that before but have never known anyone to reverse those. Good job to him and keep up the good work. I’m sure Maci is looking forward to more walks..

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    That is truly inspiring. What a transformation!!!

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    Claudette Kinkade

    Wow! He should be very proud of himself, I know we all are. He is going to love going for walks with Maci, and believe me she will remind him if he should forget. They just seem to know what time of the day is “walk time”.

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