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    This is partially off topic and not. I’m planning a two week trip in either May or head to Hamburg Germany to met our new human identical twin girl grand babies. My son and his wife are expecting soon. She is at 25 weeks and doing well.

    Ken will be staying home with the fur kids…I just don’t know how I will cope being away from them. I left Camel when she was about 8 1/2 months and went for 10 days to Germany for their wedding and found it hard. I’m hoping the excitement of the my first human grand babies will make it easier.

    (For yous of you who don’t know. We have 4 fur grand babies who we already spoil rotten).

    Once I have dates finalized, we can start to plan our next Manitoba Golden gathering as Ken and I would like to host this year.

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    How exciting Pat!! It should ease your mind that Ken is staying home with the girls. I always panic a little when it’s someone else looking after the “kids”. The girls will miss you for sure but they’ll be home with dad so they’ll be okay.

    Identical twins?!? How awesome is that!! I’m guessing those little girls will keep you occupied for the 2 weeks!!! Keep us posted on those babies…

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    Wow, what exciting news, first time Grandma and Grandpa and to twins!!

    I think being away from the girls will be harder on you then on them. They’ll be home with Dad so I’m sure they will be fine. It’s always easier to leave when they can stay home in their own surroundings.

    Look forward to hearing more about those baby girls when the time comes.

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