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    Keira (gr 11) was given a raw egg on January 7th to be her “baby” in her parenting class. She drew the face of her favorite anime character on her egg, and named him Marco. She carried him around in a little piece of an egg carton, and glued a piece of orange felt around his lower half for protection from cracking. The project was for the students to take their egg everywhere and to have a photo presentation of that after his unit was over. If their egg cracked, they had to do an alternate project on funerals and grieving, lol.

    ANYWAY, the unit is over as of yesterday. So, rather than taking “Marco” with her as usual to school, Keira left her egg (now 3 weeks unrefrigerated) on the end table by the couch. ๐Ÿ™ Yeah, you can see where this is going….

    Haven was sitting near Faith, staring at her. That means that Faith has something that Haven wants. So I went up, and saw a bit of orange peeking out of Faith’s mouth. I said, “What do you have now?” and I pulled it out… and then I gasped, “MARCO!!!” Ya – Marco is totally gone.

    Can this make Faith sick, do you think??

    All that’s left of Keira’s baby, Marco:

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    * Got my dates mixed up – it was 2 weeks unrefrigerated, not 3.

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    Maureen most dogs have eaten worse in their lifetime. Like something dead for who knows how long out in the field or someone or somethings poop. Faith might have abit of an upset stomach maybe but dogs guts are pretty tough.

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    My 3 say nothing to worry about…they would have eaten the fabric and carton too LOL

    Do not worry, I do not think Faith will start eating real babies ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh, unless the baby smells like rotten eggs…. LOL

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    Ooh faith you do make me laugh. How was Keira when she found out what Faith had done?

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    rofllllllll I did internet research, and was told the same thing, Sue – nothing to worry about. Whew!

    Oh, she WOULD have eaten the fabric, Tammy – it was fully in her mouth when I pulled it out, lol.

    I texted Keira, “Faith ate Marco!” but I haven’t heard back from her yet. She’s a really good girl at school, and leaves her phone off, in her locker, till she leaves for home. She’ll be finding out about Faith ingesting her ‘baby’ in about half an hour. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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    OMG! That really made me laugh! At least Faith was kind enough to wait until the project was over and Kiera was done with the egg baby.

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    RIP baby Marco.

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    ROFL Christine!!!

    When Keira got home from school yesterday, she didn’t say anything. I said, “Did you get my text?” and she said, “Oh – forgot to turn my phone on”. So she took her phone out of her pocket, turned it on, got my text, read it… then did an intake of breath, then burst out laughing. Faith, of course, was already right with her, as Keira had just walked in the door, so Keira cupped Faith’s face with her hands, and said in a sweet, teasy voice, “Did youuuuuu eat Marco today???”



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    hahaha! That’s hilarious – never a dull moment with Faith is there?!?!

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    RIP Marco…how can you stay angry or upset at them.

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    Maybe you need to change Faith’s name to “Killer” lol. At worst she probably only got diarrhea from the bacteria in the egg. Amazing how well their stomachs work compared to ours.

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