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Update on lump on head

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    Thank you all for your posts, I know I did the right thing. All went well today. The vet called me as soon as Tessa came through and said she had to take more out than expected, I guess it was larger than she thought so she said not to be alarmed when I pick her up. Boy was I not prepared for that. When hubby and I went to get her I was in shock. She has stitches from just above her right eyebrow to the beginning of her ear. She looks like she has had brain surgery! The key now is that she has to wear and e collars for 7 days. As soon as I put it on her she stands with her head down and will not move from that position EVEN FOR FOOD! She stood in the kitchen while I had dinner like that for an hour. As soon as I take it off she runs aroung like a loony. It will be a long night b’cause she sleeps with us in our bed between hubby and I with that collar on?? Lord help us. Hubby is working from home tomorrow so he will keep and eye on her. I am keeping my fingers crossed that when the lab calls it is nothing serious. Will keep you posted.
    Lisa thanks for the post I have read about Winger and your story is always in the back of my mind. I keep checking to see how your Monty is… any chance of some updated photos… how old is he now?

    Susanne & Tessa

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    I’m glad to hear all went well with Tessa’s surgery. We’ll be keeping fingers & paws crossed for good news from the lab—keep us posted.

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    So glad to hear that all went well! Those collars sure are a pain aren’t they? I have seen a new version that you blow up into like a fat collar (think inner tube but lighter) and keeps them from twisting. Supposed to be easier for them to take but they are pricey. I think you’ll probably have to watch her the most in a few days when it starts to heal more and gets itchy.

    Our fingers are crossed as well for the lab results. I have found it seems to take longer when its good frustrating!

    Let us know how she is doing

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    Glad she did goof. It will look better tomorrow when things settle down/clear out.

    I gave up on the collar after one night basically because we had to watch him closer with it on than when it was off. He spend hours trying everything to get it off. Including rubbing it on the wall which meant he was rubbing his body and the stitches there too. And my other golden was scared of it so she was an issue for the night too. And where his stitches are – he can still reach with his foot and scratch – collar of not. The poor puppy is learning the word ‘no’ finally. LOL

    When it starts to heal and itch is the worst but I stocked up on raw bones and they get those to keep them busy all afternoon and then they sleep most of the evening – works to keep their mind off of it. Also, I find if you do not do anything to draw their attention to it the period before they start wanting to get at it is longer. My hubby refers to it as the 3 year syndrome – will only cry if someone is making a deal of it.


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    Lisa Schuyler

    Thanks for the update. How has she been doing with the collar? After Winger’s surgery on the lump on his head, I swore he smashed that cone in to my legs and every door frame on purpose, just to express his hatred for it! haha

    Thanks for asking about Monty. He is doing well – and is now 4 years old!!

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