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    On Saturday’s show, Harley got his championship! He showed wonderful for the handler I hired – better than he ever has for me and my big time nerves!On to the fun stuff – rally obedience!!!

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    Claudette Kinkade

    Congratulations Harley!! So glad the handler worked out for you, maybe when your nerves settle down you can try again.

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    Lisa Schuyler

    Woo hoo!! Way to go!

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    Way to go Harley!!!! Were very proud of you and you to Tammy for all the hard work you both put into getting the championship.

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    Great job Harley!!!! What an accomplishment

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    WOW!!!!!!! Way to go Harley.

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    CONGRATULATIONS, HARLEY!!!! What an accomplishment. You must be so excited and proud of him, Tammy. I’m curious about your journey to Harley’s championship. How long did it take? How many shows did he compete in to get it? Did you have to travel? Did you go to conformation classes or did you hire a handler straight away? What was it like working with a handler? I’d love to hear your story.

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    Thanks everyone! I was a big down about having a handler and not finishing it myself but he loved loved being with him and moved around the ring like I know he can. It was beautiful (even with him not having any coat LOL). My nerves would make him shut down and there were shows were I was almost dragging him behind me – not fun.Okay Nancy are you ready LOL. Harley was in shows from 6 months of age. We missed the shows when he was 10 months to 1 year due to his surgery (missing the end of his puppy career). He is now almost 3 years old. Some golden people will not show their dogs after 1 year of age until they are 4. They wait for the coat and maturity. I did not want to wait as I want to get on to obedience. A quick count – 12 shows (usually 2 days at each show). We stayed in Alberta except for the Cranbrook show (we made a holiday out if it). We never did any summer shows except Cranbrook as we did camping instead. I only hired a handler for this last show. Larry Clark is a very funny, enjoyable, super helpful handler. He only had 1 dog at this show and was bored – so I decided to try it. Larry is always giving tips to novice people and is always positive. It is not cheap hiring a handler but if they can finish a dog quickly it would be cheaper. With the high number of goldens entered in most shows, if you can get the points it is not unheard of to finish at 1 show. We were not so lucky due to my nerves and the number of times we were up against 4 year old with coat and a handler. I think I have been at only 2 shows were I was not directly against a handler. It does suck when you are a novice.I highly recommend classes, I did not know about any around here until Harley was over 2. They are so busy they do not need to advertise. I attended last year Joy and Vaugn workshops – those were good. Lots of time working the dog and they had lots of simple little tips. I did go to as many fun matches as I could get to. I think they helped the nerves and they are fun and not expensive.

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    Ryleys Dad

    Again… Congratulations Tammy! Harley looked great in the ring.

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    Way to go Harley, great picture of him, looks so handsome.

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    Wow, this is really wonderful! I hadn’t seen this before! Congrats!

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