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We made it through LOL

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    Hello everyone! New job and a new dog makes for a busy me….and add to it-still winter here too yuck!

    Past weekend was a dog show in Camrose. Big pile of snow and slush meant we started the trip with bad roads. The show was fun and tiring. Jigar was entered with his bro and sister and 1 other girl—the breeder has 4 to show. Which meant I would get to go in the ring 2 times with someone šŸ™‚

    Jigar got reserved twice (equivalant to 2nd place out of the 4 boys) –he has been reserve 5 times now. But he looked very good! He has gotten darker and bigger since we saw him 3 weeks ago. He is back with us for 2 weeks and then gone for 2-3 weeks again for 2 other shows.

    And because helping show 4 puppies was not enough—I entered Harley in rally and Maci in pre-novice 2 days. I can not wait to step on a scale after running back and forth between 2 buildings!

    Harley did wonderful with those figure eights past food bowls—sniffing but no lost brains. He failied his down stay. Second trial he did great but needs a new handler that can read signs. Yeap—I when left instead of right and missed a sign. No ribbons for my big baby boy.

    Maci did lose her brains the first day and could not pay attention, sit or stay. But for Sunday she did beautiful and has a beautiful big ribbon to go with her beautiful groomed ears. (got new shears and some tips from the breeder—Maci is my practice-on dog LOL)

    I have a few photos but none of Maci with her ribbon yet. We just wanted to get home!

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    Way to go on the new job for you! And congrats to all the dogs for doing so well!! I didn’t realize that Jigar wasn’t with you all the time – how hard is that? I think I’d have a hard time if my girl wasn’t with me every night…but I guess you have the two others for that right?!?!

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    Wow Tammy you and your trio have sure been busy. Sounds like everyone is doing great. Share some pictures when you get a chance, including some groomed ear pictures!

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    Sounds like you have been very busy. Congrats on the new job, and great job with the dogs, can’t wait to see pictures.

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    Wow congrats to your three fur babies, you must be very proud. Can’t wait to see the pictures.

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    Hope we get to see pics of that on here soon Laurie.

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