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Woohoo for Meeko!!!!!!

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    Had a hectic day at work today and when I got off the phone my boss tells me that I’m supposed to call the vet back. I immediately start to think “why is she calling me at work, I can’t cry at work if it’s bad news…”. So, I went to a back room with a bit of privacy and called her and she apologized for bugging me at work but, wanted to let me know right away that Meeko’s tonsil was just swollen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!!!! Huge weight lifted off these shoulders!!

    So we wanted to thank everyone for the power of paw and for thinking of us.

    And if anyone is wondering how he’s handling the new set of stitches – he’s completely torn out the ones on his neck (did that sometime during the day yesterday). Just about lost my cookies when I noticed it but, I didn’t so woohoo for me too!!! All night he was all over me in bed so, tonight that thing is getting covered up!

    Thanks for thinking about us through all this!!!

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    Awesome news Lynne!

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    Lisa Schuyler

    That’s great news!! 🙂
    If Meeko won’t keep those stitches in, you might have to threaten him with duct tape to keep him all together! haha

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    Great news Lynne, so glad to hear this news!!! Yikes on the stitches – sounds like you’re doing well developing an iron stomach through all of this:).

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    That is fantastic news Lynne. What a relief you guys must be feeling. Power of the Paw really does work!!! Hope Meeko is back to new in no time.

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    Wonderful perfect news! And glad to see Meeko is feeling well enough to get into trouble. I bet secretly he loves your ‘that is gross’ reaction LOL

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    So glad to hear that Meeko is a-okay (except for that stitches thing!) He is a cat and you know cats don’t like being controlled.

    Thanks for sharing the good news! I’ve been thinking about him. Good to know that power of the paw came through.



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