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Grooming Guide for Golden Retrievers

Is your Golden Retriever turning shaggy? Have you ever wondered how to trim his ears? Or if you are supposed to trim his shaggy tail? And what about those nails that never stop growing!?

One excellent guide is Joanne Lastoka’s online guide for Grooming Your Golden that includes photos for every step along the way! See:

Here are some other tips for grooming your Golden Retriever:


Tips on using a Dremel Tool for trimming your dog’s nails! –


Large matts in your goldens hair?? Instead of trying to rip or pull out large matts, first try making one large matt into smaller – more manageable – matts. Using your scissors, cut the mat in the same direction as the hair. Continue to do this until you have smaller matts that can be brushed through. Using this method, the place where the matt was, will blend into the coat and will be much less noticeable, than if you had to cut out the entire matt.


Did you golden get tree sap in his coat??? Try peanut butter!! This apparently works really well to take the sap out.


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