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How to Choose a Breeder

puppy WingerLooking to purchase a Golden Retriever puppy?

If this is your first puppy, you may be too easily swayed by the first cute pup you see, but I urge you to do some preliminary research before you decide on a breeder.

The Golden Rules: Finding a Reputable Breeder (from the CKC)

  1. Always visit the kennel.
  2. Make certain the dam (mother) is on the premises and available for you to see.
  3. Ask to see health certificates and records of visits to the veterinarian.
  4. Insist upon being provided with a signed bill of sale stating the puppy is being sold as a purebred.
  5. Insist upon being provided with a written guarantee.
  6. Confirm that the dog has been permanently and uniquely identified.
  7. Confirm CKC registration of the parents, the litter and the puppy you are about to purchase.
  8. Ask if the breeder is a member of the CKC.

For more detailed information about these golden rules and warning signs to look for,read the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC)’s detailed description of the Golden Rules of finding a Reputable Breeder.

Before settling on a breeder, read through the following links and tips so your decision is an informed one.

Golden Retriever Club of Canada’s Puppy Package – this package is sent free to folks looking for puppy information. It includes a list of club members/breeders by province, and a booklet called “So, You Want to Buy a Golden!” To receive a copy, contact :

Judy Stewart
R.R. #3, Perth, Ontario K7H 3C5
Phone : (613) 264-9692


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