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Hunt Tests

CKC Hunting tests offer three levels of testing – Junior, Senior and Master Hunter. Dogs must pass three tests at the Junior and four at the Senior levels and five at the Master level to earn titles. The tests are non competitive so the titles earned (JH, SH, MH) follow a dog’s registered name.

Hunt Tests are usually much more challenging that the working certificate tests, and are designed to determine a dog’s suitability and ability as a hunting companion. The tests are designed to mimic hunting scenarios more than the field trials. The set-up includes the use of blinds, boats, duck calls, and camouflage clothing. Retrieving distances are 75-125 yards. Hunt Tests are open to all Retrievers, Irish Water Spaniels, and Standard Poodles, who are registered with the CKC.

Junior Level – The junior level consists of 4 single marks, 2 on land, and 2 on water. These retrieves are not to exceed 75 yards in length. At this test, being the first level, you dog does not need to be stead, and you are allowed to hold him at the line. Some of these retrieves may be from a boat or a blind, and as well, some of the retrieves may be decoys. Your dog must pass the junior level test three times to achieve a junior hunt title – the JH.

Senior Level – The senior level consists of 5 tests – they are a land blind, a water blind, a land double, a water double, and an upland hunting test (without a flush). All retrieves are not to exceed 125 yards. At this level, your dog should be under control and off leash during the entire test. Your dog must pass the senior level test four times to achieve a senior hunt title – the SH.

Master Level – The master level consists of 5 tests – they are multiple land marks (double or more), multiple water marks (double or more), an upland hunting test (with a flush), a land blind, and a water blind. Diversion birds and/or shots will be used at least once. All retrievers are not too exceed 125 yards. The difficulty of the master level tests is higher than the senior levels and the dogs will therefore be judged much more stringently. Your dog must pass the master level test five times to achieve a master hunt title – the MH.

The NAHRA (North American Hunting Retriever Association) also has clubs throughout Canada and host hunting trials with their own NAHRA titles.


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