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    Claudette Kinkade @lisa-schuyler Lisa - are you still involved in the running of our site. Any suggestions as to what to do if I cannot put a thread on the site. I can post on a thread someone else has put on the site but cannot start one of my own. I am getting a puppy Feb. 14th and I would like to share stories and pictures with the members that I have known for the past 10 years. They helped me through the puppy stages with Jake and were there for me when he crossed The Rainbow Bridge. Thank you.
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    Mom2Maddie posted 3 photos
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    Meadow Hi Lisa, I have been trying to add posts to topics on the General board, but when I click in the "reply" window, I have no cursor, and I'm unable to type. Glad that I can type here so that I can ask you what I can do about this. ~Maureen P.S. @ Nancy. I have been worried about you and Shiloh. I hope things are as okay as possible for you both.
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    Cathy DW @boober Hey Sue.Nice to get your request. Gemma is going as a Wide Retriever. It's a football jersey with padding and the number 00. Bought it at Target (in the US0 for $7.00 Will need to get some photos uploaded.
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