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Madison Martin

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  • Hi all, I know that I should’ve posted this on the FaceBook group; I’ve tried several times but I can’t get it to copperate. So I’m hoping that someone on hear can help me. If someone wants to post this for me on Facebook then I’d really appreaciate it. I know that I posted asking for recamendations of breeders in Manitoba, and everyone that I’ve…[Read more]

  • Hi Other then bathing, blow-drying, brushing/combing, and trimming nails, what other grooming is done before a Golden goes into the conformation ring? This is something that I’ve often wondered about, so I thought that I’d ask since there seem to be people who have shown Goldens before. Thanks

  • Hi I was just wondering, what’s the difference (s) between American style and English style Goldens? Also, what’s the difference (s) between Goldens bred for conformation and Goldens bred for field? Thanks

  • Hi all, I know that this thread is old, so if no one replies then I understand. I was just wondering, what grooming do you have to do before you take a Golden into the conformation ring? I know that you have to bathe them, dry them, brush them, and trim their nails, but I’m wondering what trimming is needed. This is something that I’ve often…[Read more]

  • Hi all, These are two breeders that I like. I was just wondering, do you any of you have any experience with either of them? If so, what did you think? What were they and their dogs like? Look forward to any info that any of you can provide!! Thank you,

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Madison Martin

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