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Temperament Testing

A Temperament Test consists of 10 tests which evaluate your dog’s reaction to a variety of stimuli. They include approaching strangers, walking around in a crowd, having the crowd close in, loud unfamiliar noises, a surprising visual stimulus, uneven footing, and an unfriendly stranger.

Unlike an obedience test or the Canine Good Citizen certificate where your dog must be under control, this test evaluates your dog’s reaction to unfamiliar things and your dog’s ability to recover from the stimuli without fear or aggression. In addition, the evaluators have different expectations for dogs of different breeds because of the various means for which the dogs were originally bred.

While this is not an official obedience test with a CKC title, it is an interesting opportunity to see your dog’s reaction to a variety of stimuli on a given day and it may give you some insight into your dog’s reactions to a variety of unusual things. Your local obedience or breed club may be able to give you more information about this test.

American Temperament Test Society, Inc.


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