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Title Abbreviations

The following is a list of titles and their abbreviations that can be awarded by the CKC and/or the AKC for various activities and events. They are sorted into titles that appear as a prefix and as a suffix.

As a prefix

Ch. Champion (conformation)
FC Field Champion
AFC Amateur Field Champion
NFC National Field Champion
NAFC National Amateur Field Champion
NOC National Obedience Champion
OTCH Obedience Trial Champion
MACH Master Agility Champion
HC Herding Champion
DC Dual Champion (Ch. & FC)
TC Triple Champion ( Ch., FC & OTCH)
CT Champion Tracker (TD, TDX & VST)

As a suffix

CD Companion Dog
CDX Companion Dog Excellent
UD Utility Dog
UDX Utility Dog Excellent
TD Tracking Dog
TDX Tracking Dog Excellent
VST Variable Surface Tracker
UDTD (UDT) Utility Dog Tracking Dog, Utility Dog Tracking
UDTDX Utility Dog Tracking Dog Excellent
UDXTD Utility Dog Excellent Tracking Dog
UDXTDX Utility Dog Excellent Tracking Dog Excellent
UDVST Utility Dog Variable Surface Tracking
UDXVST Utility Dog Excellent Variable Surface Tracking
WC Working Certificate
WCI Working Certificate Intermediate
WCX Working Certificate Excellent
JH Junior Hunter
SH Senior Hunter
MH Master Hunter
HT Herding Tested
PT Pre-Trial Tested
HS Herding Started
HI Herding Intermediate
HX Herding Excellent
JC Junior Courser
SC Senior Courser
MC Master Courser
NA Novice Agility
OA Open Agility
AX Agility Excellent
MX Master Agility Excellent
NAJ Novice Jumpers With Weaves
OAJ Open Jumpers With Weaves
AXJ Excellent Jumpers With Weaves
MXJ Master Excellent Jumpers With Weaves
JE Junior Earthdog
SE Senior Earthdog
ME Master Earthdog


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