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Winter Tips

Winter brings its own changes and challenges for our Golden Retrievers – or maybe more so for us!

I usually refer to winter as any time after muddy paw season! As soon as the ground freezes, and you are excited that you can put your paw towels away from your doors, you aren’t too far away from bringing that towel back to wipe snow off their backs! And watch for the painful snowballs between their toes!

Here are some winter tips and reminders:

  • Salt can be harmful to your dog’s feet. Don’t walk them where walk has been applied, or purchase some dog booties to protect their feet.
  • Keep the hair in between the pads of your golden’s feet trimmed. Snow and ice can attach to long hair under their feet and form into ice balls which are very painful to walk on!
  • Dry your golden’s feet when they come inside from the snowy/wet outdoors. Moist feet can itchy for your pet, but the trapped moisture can also grow bacteria, and yeast.
  • Anti-freeze is VERY harmful for your dog!! The substance in anti-freeze is quite appealing to dogs because it tastes sweet making it twice as hazardous. Watch for anti-freeze and radiator leaks carefully, and be careful what puddles your dog drinks out of during your walks – if it’s really cold a puddle should be frozen, if it isn’t, suspect an antifreeze leak and keep your pet away!
  • Invest in a good pair of ice cleats for your boots. Then you won’t be scared to be pulled off your feet on an icy sidewalk. I have a heavy duty pair from Lee Valley that have changed my LIFE!


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